I discovered contemporary jewellery in 2012 during my studies at UNSW Art and Design, Sydney. I have always had an interest in art history, admiring the work of such artists as Kevin Norton, Kazamir Malevich and Marianne Brandt. After discovering jewellery artists like Blanche Tilden, Mari Funaki and Peter Skubic, I realised there was little distinction between jewellery and art. In my opinion jewellery should be considered wearable art that contains meaning for both the maker and the wearer.

After realising my  passion for contemporary jewellery, I enrolled in Design Centre Enmore to undertake the Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design, to improve my skills, techniques and craftsmanship in order to express my artistic concepts.


My creative process is sparked by an interesting observation or analysis of human behaviour. I like to imagine the form this personification would take, the character traits the object might have. I portray a personality through design principles. Colour, line, form and material are used to guide my aesthetic style and create the story of the object. Each design, like individuals, is therefore unique and unexpected. 

Maija Frankovich